Picture of Bennie Mosher


I am an engineer at heart and have worked on projects in the fields of internet marketing, elective healthcare, taxes, public transit, security, and ecommerce. I am truly passionate about agile practices, test driven development, cross-platform user interfaces, simple clean coding practices, and teaching and leading software development. I love learning new languages and frameworks and can be a strong asset to an engineering team that is based on collaboration and creativity.

I am most familiar with Ruby, Rails, PHP, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, MySQL, HTML, SASS, CSS and other ancillary libraries and frameworks such as Zepto, jQuery, Bourbon and Neat, Twitter Bootstrap, and Zurb Foundation.

I have a strong desire to grow as an engineer. I am always striving to be a more pragmatic engineer, and I want to work with a company that has the same desire. While I would be most comfortable to work on a project which employs the technologies I am familiar with, I pick up languages and frameworks quickly and would be happy to acquire new skills and knowledge. I want to work with people who truly believe in the product or service they are bringing to market. Passion and dedication is highly contagious. I am interested in both front and backend positions, particularly when they require cross-platform support. I am interested in companies which operate in all industries, but of particular interest are e-commerce, space, science, and big data.