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My learnings with Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JS, Wordpress, Vim, and TDD.

New Year, New Adventure and New Goals in 2015!

With 2015 on its first leg and reading other peoples year in review lists and goal lists, I have decided to look at my 2014 and plan for 2015. In 2014 I worked for a Rails company and was able to come up with a few small apps that I use on a daily basis. […]

New Theme

So today I launched my new theme. I used Bourbon and Neat for some sassy sass mixins. You can also view the theme code and fork the project on github. What do you think? Leave me comments and suggestions below!

Speeding up your tests by selectively persisting data

I follow the thoughtbot blog very closely, and today they posted about speeding up tests by selectively avoiding factory girl. This was enlightening on multiple levels. Benchmarking their own gems For me it was extremely enlightening to see a company, who does a lot of gem work, benchmark their own gem. It was great to […]

How to read your tmux/wemux config

So, if you are using a fork of my dotfiles you will see that I have a tmux and wemux config file in there. I generally use wemux to do work, don’t ask me why but it is what was suggested by a coworker over tmux (maybe a post will be due soon on that). […]

Changing routes not paths

So this morning I watched’s screencast ‘A Look Into Routing and learned something fantastic about your routes file. In the podcast Chris (at least that is who sent me the email about this podcast), is describing how to make a routes folder for a book store. He eventually describes and gets to this point […]

mocks != stubs

In attempting to complete thoughtbot’s Testing trail, I read Martin Fowlers’s article, “Mocks Aren’t Stubs”. I have been writing tests for about a year now and I have always just done Integration/Feature tests because they were easier, and I really didn’t know how to use mocks and stubs. This was okay until our test suite […]

Submitting Changes to my .dotfiles upstream

At work I have started to use Vim more often. In doing so I have adapted my coworker’s dotfiles repo (which is based off of thoughtbot’s dotfiles) and started using it for myself. I have forked it here. To install read the or thoughtbot’s install blog post. I recently hit a problem with using […]

Outside-in Rails development

In attempting to complete thoughtbot’s Testing trail, I read Jared Carroll’s post, “Beginning Outside-In Rails Development with Cucumber and RSpec”. This post was amazing. I have been learning TDD for the past year or so, and have never thought about doing it this way. In the post he says, “Most developers prefer to start with […]

Hello world!

This is my first post on my new platform. I will be sharing my findings on everything Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress, Vim, and TDD. I will be reading a lot of things and learning things everyday and I will post them here in hopes that it will teach someone else as well.