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Learning React and Mocha

Posted on in learning

In my recent job search I have been getting turned down by a lot of employers because I do not have React or Angular experience. Today I decided to learn one and build a demo app that can prove that I know the framework and can get work done. After...

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My Strength and Weaknesses to Date

Posted on in learning

Through my recent layoff and my currently ongoing job search, I have had to answer a lot of interview type questions. One of those questions was, “What else do you think we should know about you?”. I thought to myself, what else is pertinent here?...

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What is a category?

Posted on in groovy, learning, and category

Categories are not a Groovy specific thing. From a quick google search I found this Wikipedia article, which tells us that the idea of categories have been around in many languages such as Smalltalk (known as Class Extensions), C# 2.0 and Visual Basic...

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Things to think about before beginning a task

Posted on in oracle commerce and learning

When beginning a new feature task, it is good to take the time and sit back and think about your approach. Come up with your game plan. Your play book. You should start by asking yourself, “Where am I getting the data from?”. This is probably one of...

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Speeding up your tests by selectively persisting data

Posted on in factory girl, learning, tdd, and test driven development

I follow the thoughtbot blog very closely, and today they posted about speeding up tests by selectively avoiding factory girl. This was enlightening on multiple levels.

Benchmarking their own gems

For me it was extremely enlightening to see a company...

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How to read your tmux/wemux config

Posted on in dotfiles, learning, thoughtbot, tmux, and wemux

So, if you are using a fork of my dotfiles you will see that I have a tmux and wemux config file in there. I generally use wemux to do work, don’t ask me why but it is what was suggested by a coworker over tmux (maybe a post will be due soon on that...

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Changing routes not paths

Posted on in gorails, learning, rails, and routes

So this morning I watched GoRails.com’s screencast ‘A Look Into Routing‘ and learned something fantastic about your routes file.

In the podcast Chris (at least that is who sent me the email about this podcast), is describing how to make a routes folder...

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Submitting Changes to my .dotfiles upstream

Posted on in dotfiles, learning, thoughtbot, and vim

At work I have started to use Vim more often. In doing so I have adapted my coworker’s dotfiles repo (which is based off of thoughtbot’s dotfiles) and started using it for myself. I have forked it here. To install read the README.md or thoughtbot’s...

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mocks != stubs

Posted on in learning, tdd, test driven development, and thoughtbot

In attempting to complete thoughtbot’s Testing trail, I read Martin Fowlers’s article, “Mocks Aren’t Stubs”.

I have been writing tests for about a year now and I have always just done Integration/Feature tests because they were easier, and I really...

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Outside-in Rails development

Posted on in learning, tdd, test driven development, and thoughtbot

In attempting to complete thoughtbot’s Testing trail, I read Jared Carroll’s post, “Beginning Outside-In Rails Development with Cucumber and RSpec”.

This post was amazing. I have been learning TDD for the past year or so, and have never thought about...

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Hello world!

Posted on in general

This is my first post on my new platform. I will be sharing my findings on everything Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS, JS, WordPress, Vim, and TDD. I will be reading a lot of things and learning things everyday and I will post them here in hopes that it will...

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